Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rihanna Drama

If you've seen Rihanna's instagrammed pictures, you'd know she's been going down a slippery path lately. On 4/20, National "let's get high" Day, she posted pictures of weed cakes, money and stripclubs. Apparently her and Chris Brown broke up. AGAIN. And every time you turn you're head you're hearing something else about the star.

However, Monday night, she really pissed a lot of people off when she showed up to the TD BankNorth Garden for her Boston concert 3 HOURS LATE! Not only was she late, but she didn't offer any excuses or apologies, there was no supporting act to go on while the crowd waited, she only went on for an hour once she got there,  and this show was actually a postponed show from over a month ago when she canceled her Boston concert because she was sick. Good fucking job, Ri-Ri.

Perez used this photo to mock the star.
And the Inquisitr even showed footage of fans getting restless waiting for the diva.
Since it was a Monday night, many fans left before Rihanna even showed up because they had school and work in the morning. Boston was pissed. So they took to twitter and Facebook to vent.
People even called into radio stations like Kiss 108 and Jam'n 94.5 to complain. Seriously Rihanna, apologize and stop fucking up.

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