Friday, May 3, 2013

Chatty Kathy: Girls Vs. Sports

A Girl's guide to drinking it through back-to-back sporting events. Basically a "what not to do"

So, This weekend was the national holiday everyone's been waiting for all year: my birthday. My friends got me tickets to the afternoon Bruins game, and by a sick twist of fate, the Red Sox game we were supposed to go to earlier in the week got rescheduled to the same night as the Bruins game. That's a long day of drinking and a quick, hilarious wardrobe change in a parked car to make it through. I attempted to document my day and its hilarity, but by the 5th consecutive hour of drinking in between the games, things like staying awake and even knowing my own name were a struggle, not to mention whipping out my phone to record things. So I'm not gonna lie, a lot of the Red Sox game isn't here, but cut me some slack guys, I was drunk and it was my birthday. Perfect excuse. So enjoy watching my friends make fools of themselves and hearing my annoying voice say, "What are you doing!?" a million times.

[Note: Huge shout out to my web guy, Anthony, for helping me with this shit.]


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