Saturday, March 9, 2013

Funny Shit: Goats make songs 10x better

Goats n Hoes

There's nothing quite like a funny internet trend that everyone who's anyone is talking about. It's not so much about how mentally stimulating a popular youtube video gone viral is, but the WTF factor that leaves people asking "WHAT? WHY? That doesnt even make sense!" Fortunately, this week's video leaves you asking just that.

So someone decided to put random goat noises in different songs. What? This trend makes absolutely no sense, but you can't help but laugh every time you hear a "waaaaaaahhhhhh" instead of the singer's voice. I think it's also essential that the "goat mashups," which everyone is calling them, are being done to the most annoyingly overplayed songs ever. It's like you get so sick of hearing Taylor Swift bitch about boys that hearing a goat is like the greatest thing ever.

Chatty Kathy

Monday, March 4, 2013

Funny Shit: Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake

Probably one of the most random youtube trends ever. Basically a bunch of people sit and pretend not to notice one person dancing absurdly in a costume so the song "Harlem Shake." Then, at a certain point in the song, everyone just starts dancing obnoxiously in absurd costumes. There's no rhyme or reason to it - it's just funny.
So originally, a few kids from Australia put up a version of this and it became instant Internet gold, with everyone recreating it in a certain scenario. The most popular ones are in schools, but the funniest are the most obscure, like the news anchor and army baracks ones. Want 5 minutes of internet fame? recreate the most absurd version of this video. Goodluck betches.

Here's a graphic showing just how popular the Harlem Shake got and how much time crazy people like us spent watching them.

Chatty Kathy


What's the best thing about starting a blog? Using the "it's research for my blog" excuse.
Now, this started as an excuse for procrastinating homework while I stalk the internet for funny videos, read betches love this, and check facebook for the tenth time that hour.
Then, the occasional glass of wine while procrastinating homework was essential to "get the creative juices flowing" to start my blog.
And eventually, as if it was ever a question whether or not to go out drinkng, it was done in the name of research/finding something to write about for the blog.
So, as a first blog post let me promise to you - I will go out and drink. I will get into absurd situations. I will do funny things. And I will tell you about it because it's all "research for the blog."
And of course, in the meantime, during the week while I pretend to be a good student, I'll bring you some of the hottest trends, celebrity gossip and tv show reviews with bitchy commentary from yours truly.

Chatty Kathy