Monday, March 4, 2013


What's the best thing about starting a blog? Using the "it's research for my blog" excuse.
Now, this started as an excuse for procrastinating homework while I stalk the internet for funny videos, read betches love this, and check facebook for the tenth time that hour.
Then, the occasional glass of wine while procrastinating homework was essential to "get the creative juices flowing" to start my blog.
And eventually, as if it was ever a question whether or not to go out drinkng, it was done in the name of research/finding something to write about for the blog.
So, as a first blog post let me promise to you - I will go out and drink. I will get into absurd situations. I will do funny things. And I will tell you about it because it's all "research for the blog."
And of course, in the meantime, during the week while I pretend to be a good student, I'll bring you some of the hottest trends, celebrity gossip and tv show reviews with bitchy commentary from yours truly.

Chatty Kathy

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