Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday weekends

When it comes to girls, birthdays aren't just 24 hours. They last all weekend, or maybe even a whole week. It's a national holiday and a major event.
When it comes to a girl's birthday, there's a few musts.
It's absolutely essential to pimp the birthday girl out with a sash and crown when you go out. If you're throwing a party, decorations, fancy cups and balloons are key. Everyone needs to know this isn't just some party, it's THE party. Plus you need a banner and balloons to pose next to so all of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter know just how awesome the party was.
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Birthday Dinner
You have to all of your friends to a sit-down, dress-up dinner before the birthday girl's big night on the town. Everyone gets to catch up (sober) and there's plenty of opportunities for selfies.
Hungover brunch
There's just nothing like strutting you're stuff into the nearest breakfast join with the half-broken crown still on the birthday girl's head the next morning for a hungover brunch. Sipping on mimosas while laughing about how drunk Becky got the night before and giggling obnoxiously loud so everyone at the local eatery knows you had a fun birthday night.

Remember, the number of pictures you upload is directly proportional to the amount of fun you had on your birthday weekend, so snap away!


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